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We specialise in creating software for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry

Paramet has been developing HVAC applications for over 20 years to customers all over the world.

With a wealth of talent and expertise in this field, we are the obvious choice to provide the solution you need.


Why choose Paramet?

We have built up an impressive reputation over the last 20 years. These are some of the reasons why. 

Industry leading solutions

We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in selection software for the HVAC market.

First-class developers

Our talented workforce are all fully proficient full-stack developers, working with a wide range of technologies. 

Delivering on time

We understand that delivering solutions to the client late causes frustration and costs money. This is why we always give an accurate time frame upfront and stay in full contact with the customer.

Fantastic client relationships

Having a great relationship with your client helps to keep the project development process efficient and successful. We are proud to have loyal customers of over 20 years.

Desktop applications

Reliable and modern multi-platform desktop applications

Web applications

Secure and stable web applications using the latest web technologies

Mobile applications

Native mobile applications for all platforms

3D applications

Fully immersive 3D applications for all platforms.


Wide range of ERP and CRM system's integration.


Leveraging modern technologies

To provide you with the best value and ensure timely delivery, we are frequently expanding our knowledge of modern technologies. Whatever your application, we will employ relevant technologies to make quality solutions.


  • "We have developed several different digital assets with Paramet. They have the knowledge and the appropriate skills to approach any challenge. We are very happy in developing our bespoke fan selection tool which keeps us one step ahead of our competitors and gives the WOW factor to our clients!"

    Alex Maymó Molina, Soler & Palau

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