Client: Soler & Palau

EasyVent is the Soler & Palau Group selection software, providing fan and heat recovery selection.

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Project Brief

The brief from Soler and Palau was to create a brand new, quick and easy to use online selection software for their vast range of products. The software was suitably named EasyVent.

EasyVent has evolved over a number of years to become a fully-featured fan and heat recovery unit selection tool. Offering multiple ways to select a product, whether it be entering specific requirements or directly selecting a model from a catalogue, the key focus was always user experience and listening to what the customers were saying. 

New features are continuingly being added such as 3D visualisation and configuration of a product, a virtual assistant we call EasyBot, and much more.

Technologies Used

C# SQL Server jQuery ASP.Net three.js Microsoft Bot Framework Signal R CRM Integration Cheetah